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Digital backdrop for newborns - 2 versions

Whimsical digital backdrops for newborns complete with little moveable animals. 

Being a photographer myself, I"ve been creating digital backdrops for other Newborn photographers! 


These are not your usual digital backdrop files.

I've done all the hard yards for you with the digitals adding all the layers. Saves you the time. 


This is 2 variations of chaises - 2 PNGs

with one of them also as a layered  PSD files that has all the layers in it for you including the shadow layers and little mice layers.  

All of the little mice are moveable, resizeable and have their own shadow layer. You can also turn each one on or off as requried.


There is also a placeholder for you to put baby in and a shadow layer under it ready for you to paint in the shadows.


6045 × 7556px

260Mb file for the PSD - please allow a little time to download it


This set consists of 
1x PSD file with layers
1 PNG file that is flattened to use as is

1 variation on the chaise (PNG) with no animals.

PDF instructions on how to use the digital. 


Why not use this for the maternity image with mum on chaise and then have a matching one with baby and all the animals! :)

Beautiful chaise with little mice

$40.00 Regular Price
$32.00Sale Price
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