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Payment methods

Payment will be made to the Business via cash, card, direct deposit or you may apply for PayRight. Please contact me if you wish to organise credit via Payright. They require a 10% Deposit made directly to me and they will organise a payment plan for the 90% balance.

Covid 19 vax and sickness

By signing this contract you confirm you and anyone else going in the photos or at the session are fully vaccinated (double dosed) against covid 19.
Session will need to be rescheduled if you or myself or anyone in our household have any cold or flu symptoms.

Social Distancing

Social distancing rules apply - only those taking part in the session to be at the session. Please do NOT have any extra people at the session unless they are part of the photoshoot or caring for any other children. It also makes the client more relaxed as well as myself if we do not have an audience. :)

Sneak Peek and Gallery preview

1-2 Sneak Peeks will be available on Facebook within 24 hours of the session - usually in the evening after your session.
Your online gallery will be available within approx 2 weeks from the day of your session.
After you choose the images to purchase, I will do final edits and then send the gallery off to the printer. (Takes around 7 days to do final edits and then another week to receive them back from the printer if purchasing a print package).
If you have a digital package images will be ready for gallery approximately 5-7 days after the session

No Smoking policy

I have a strict NON-SMOKING policy around all of my props and especially all of my gorgeous client outfits. Some of these are very delicate and expensive and require delicate handwashing. Please do not smoke on or around the props, and I would appreciate it if you don't smoke just prior to or your session or whilst I am there as it penetrates the dresses and makes it hard to get out.  Thank you so much for understanding. 


Any damages to my outfits, equipment or props will need to be compensated for.

No alteration to images including social media filters permitted.



Reproduction of images without express consent from the photographer is unlawful and strictly prohibited. Scanning, screen capturing from social media, altering or adding filters to my images or printing of screenshot images are all considered copyright infringement.



After the portrait session, each image is put through a careful selection process. Images with eyes closed, unflattering poses, and duplicate images are removed permanently. During the retouching phase for images, Kylie will retouch any mark that will not be present in two weeks (i.e., acne. stretch marks, skin blemishes, excess fluids from pregnancy especially in arms). So if a big blemish appears on the day please don't worry!  Any additional client requested edits from client, including but not limited to, removal of tattoos, extensive body shaping, head swaps, etc., will incur a $50 charge per image.

Notes for session

If you are going in any of the photos, please wash and do your hair and clean your face and teeth - sorry I do have to say this ;)

Its also recommended to do your makeup. Lipstick, eyeliner and mascara are all good for being in front of a camera. A colour on your lips also works better than nude lips - something with red , pink, plum, or brown tones. You may like to just have a gloss on. You don't want your lips to look dry for the shoot. Should you prefer to have it professionally done in Orange I can recommend ShearlyB, Makeup by Sandra or Haley Jean Makeup. There are others around as well. Most of them need a few weeks notice to book an appointment.

No other cameras or phone pics during session

Please do not take your own pics on your mobile or camera during the session however feel free to do a behind the scenes shot with me in it :)
It is distracting for both myself and the client. I promise I will get great photos for you! thats my job :)

No RAW photos provided

Images received will be in JPG form (high resolution). I do NOT provide RAW images ever.

Underwear details :)

Underwear: - Please wear gstring underwear or VERY slimline undies - or none if easier ( just slip them off when you are ready to pose. Bulky underwear shows up in the photos and can take away from the image.

Bra: Usually we can just hide the bra strap in the dress however some are better either without a bra or with nipple covers. I do provide nipple covers for you to wear if you like. A strapless bra also works well. Please have a skin coloured bra if possible.

Nude or skin coloured is the best. Black or coloured bras will show up under the dress and are very hard to remove in photoshop.

Editing.I do editing on all images to a Canvas worthy image.

My editing process includes removing any blemishes, stretchmarks, toning down skin if a bit red, a slight belly adjustment if baby has decided to be super lopsided for the shoot. etc etc. If you have any questions please ask me!

I want you to love your images so put a lot of time into the before and post production.

Copyright remains with Kylie Winder Photography

Kylie Winder Photography retains the copyright and ownership of all images, and has the right to make reproductions for commercial use and promotional purposes. The photographer also has the right to use any images taken on her website and facebook business page. The photographer is released from all claims and liability relating to these images.

Images are for private use only - and not for commercial use - ie you may not submit these images into competitions without crediting the photographer.

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