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Beautiful digital backdrops for Photographers

I've always wanted to have a studio with beautiful chairs for use in my portrait sessions! So I came up with these beautiful digital backdrops with Chaises, thrones, Chairs and even chairs with butterfly wings!

I've always loved a bit of bling, gold gilding, rich colours, butterfly wing, flowers, leadlight etc..... so all these things work perfectly for me!

These have been created with one light setups in mind - whether you use window light or studio lighting. I wanted backdrops that were easy to insert your backdrop and not ones that I had to spend a lot of time adding lots of shadows to match the lighting of my portraits.

Here are a few of the digital chair backdrops that I've been making! Some of the images I've used in use I took in the last few years and I've come back and inserted them in,

I've also created ornate digital rooms for backdrops. All of them I love.

Some are beautiful rooms, Some are rooms with beautiful digital wings all ready to pop your client into!

They are all PNG files - which are a lossless format. The digitals come with a PDF on how to use them - with screenshots of the process. You do need a little knowledge of photoshop or other program to add your client in, and add a shadow layer UNDER your client layer.

I'd love you to follow my new Instagram page I've just set up for the digital backdrops - #kyliewinderdigitalbackdrops

You can purchase these here on my website or also on Etsy. They are all currently on sale 50% off.

I will be continuing to add more each week so hope you love them as much as I do! I do get bored easily with the same images over and over so I love to have variety of these to add for my client's galleries!

Coming soon - leadlight butterfly chaise lounges!!!! Cos who doesn't need one of them right! :) I'm just finishing off them to add to my webiste!

I will be having a competition soon on my instagram page to help spread the word of my digital backdrops so stay tuned! Follow my instagram page to find out more. I"ll also post on my photography page too.

Thanks again to all my beautiful clients and followers!

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Comments (2)

Jun 11, 2023

I would love to do a family one. I love your work ❤️❤️.


May 31, 2023

Testing comments for blog

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