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Kylie Winder Photography - Orange and Bathurst Photographer

Hello all my lovely followers! Thank you for subscribing to my blog! I would love some feedback on what YOU would like to see???

I was thinking of some Video and Screenshot tutorials on using Photoshop with my digitals. Or what about Photography tips? such as how to photograph your children with your mobile??? or own camera???

I'd love some of your ideas on what you want to see!

Photo Tips

  • 0%Tutorials on using my digital backdrops

  • 0%Tutorials on how to take photos of your own kids

  • 0%Ideas for posing for photos

You can vote for more than one answer.

Any other ideas you have please message me or comment below on the blog! :)

If you live locally - ie Orange, Bathurst, Molong centralwest - did you enter the giveaway yet???? Closes tomorrow night. There are only 20 entries so far so as I am giving away 2 sessions thats a 1:10 chance! Link is here: - If you haven't entered already give it a go and please let your friends know! Kind regards


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Jun 11

I would love to do a family one. I love your work ❤️❤️.


May 31

Testing comments for blog

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