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Maternity Photographer Orange - FAQs on your Maternity Session

When is the best time to have my maternity session?

Maternity sessions work best when you have a nice, round belly – and whilst you are still comfortable to be able to pose and move. In general, between 32-34 weeks is when most mum’s have their session. Having said that I’ve done sessions from 28- 39 weeks! 🙂 It also depends which of my gorgeous dresses you would like to wear!!! 🙂 I usually ask mums to send me a photo of their belly to work out the best time. If you can, try to book at around 30-34 week mark.

If you are further along thats OK! Don’t panic! I still have poses you can do although I may not let you twist as much…

What do I wear?

I have over 40 gorgeous dresses for use in maternity sessions. There are gowns for all mummas-to-be. My client wardrobe also includes bodysuits, silks, fabrics, jewellery including crowns and more. Would you like to see them??? Link to available dresses is here. Have a look and see what ones you would like to wear. All of my dresses are high-end, beautifully made and designed to enhance that glow that you have as an expecting mum! And I have a few more coming! If your partner is coming in the session I will help you work out something for him to wear. In general tidy pants or jeans and a plain shirt – It will depend on what dresses you are wearing but usually a nice blue, maroon, or grey works well. Sometimes white or black can be nice too. We can discuss that when you choose the dresses. If you have a son coming into the photoshoot the same applies. I do have beautiful dresses available for girls from size 000 to 12.

Here are just a few of the popular gowns I have available for your session….

What if I’m a bit nervous about booking a session?

Please don’t be! I love to make sessions a lot of fun and its my job to help you pose and look amazing! 🙂 I first started my love of photography in the 1990s with my manual Ricoh camera! I now use a Nikon and portrait lenses. My first maternity client was over 10 years ago and I really love doing those sessions. I want you to have beautiful photos to remember this time and ones to pass on to generations! It is the best time to be photographed as a woman. All mums are glowing in anticipation of meeting their newest family member and I have never had a mum not super happy about her photos.

Where will the shoot take place?

I bring my mobile studio to your place – light, backdrops, dresses and all! You will be able to get dressed in the comfort and privacy of your own home. I usually work out where we will shoot when I get there – in general the dining or lounge room works the best 🙂

All of my indoor sessions are done at client homes.

Can I see more of your work? You sure can. Please visit my website to look at my recent work - or you can find me on facebook or instagram.

What training/experience do you have?

I have been photographing maternity images for over 10 years, and in that time I have done a lot of in person workshops – In the last 12 months alone I have updated my lighting and posing skills with Stèphanie Lemmens maternity workshop (Belgium photographer), Carol-Ann Neil Photographer (Scotland) and online with Natasha Ince (UK) all of which have really helped me to be able to create gorgeous, fine art maternity images – worthy of enlarging and putting on your wall! I keep my skills up to date.

How do I decide on a photographer?

Photography is an Artform. I really recommend you choose a photographer whose style you love – as we all have different styles and ways of shooting as we each do what we love and that shows in how we create our images. Personally I love to create Fine Art images and make mum feel like a Diva/goddess/supermum. All of my clients love their sessions and I’ve really enjoyed doing their sessions. They all go home feeling like they had an amazing session and thats some thing I love to do.

My amazing client wardrobe is second to none out in the Central west, and there aren't many photographers with such an extensive boutique wardrobe. I do have a bit of an obsession with having gorgeous dresses to enhance my mums!

I'd love to chat about a session for you or to answer any questions! You can chat on my website whenever I"m online or it will send me a message to get back to you. :)

Client reviews…

Photography by @kyliewinderphotography is a magician with her amazing outfit collections and her in home studio set up made it all so easy! – Emily Such beautiful photos and Kylie is such a loving soul to be around and makes everything go smoothly and stress free. Would definitely recommend – Grace

Kylie was lovely to deal with very professional and fun to work with. Can’t wait to book more sessions with her


If you have questions about my sessions please feel free to email me, check out my website: or contact me on facebook.


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Jun 11, 2023

I would love to do a family one. I love your work ❤️❤️.


May 31, 2023

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