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Maternity Sessions – Orange Maternity Photographer – Kylie Winder Photography

Hello everone! Thank you for coming to my blog. I have such an amazing collection of gorgeous gowns now for use in your Maternity and New Mumma and Breastfeeding sessions, and I thought they deserved their own post! I really want you to love your pictures and feel amazing. Most of the gowns are average size – so fit size 10-14, I have a few smaller gowns and a few larger ones as well. I usually clamp them at the back to make sure they fit you for the perfect belly fit… So all in all I have dresses for sizes 8-18. I really recommend you have your hair and makeup professionally done for the photoshoot as its such a beautiful time to photograph and document these precious moments. Here are some of my dresses in use worn by some very yummy mummies!

The following images all have the names of the gowns on them so that you can let me know which ones to bring to your session.

Midnight Shimmer

New Mumma Tulle




Saint Louise

Hellebore Deluxe

Astilbe with Feathers




Astilbe Set

“Graceful Goddess”


“Clover Floral “

“Liv” with secret garden train



“Liv” with butterfly train

“Side Lacy Breezy”

“Spring Floral”

“Midnight Shimmer”



“Selena by Sylvia

Gold Tulle Set



“Secret Garden”

“Saint Louis”


“Thistle Extra”