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Portrait Session with Kylie Winder Photography – Orange NSW 2800

My latest sessions are Fine Art Portrait sessions. I really love doing these. What is a “Fine Art Portrait”. Basically its based on the lighting of the old masters – ie Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh. I light my portrait a certain way, and then create a “painterly” finish on them in photoshop. Each image is “painted” with more light and shadow, colours are saturated and a colour tone added. Blemishes are removed, eyes are brightened etc etc.

Before and after Fine Art Editing

Your portraits are edited to a high standard and worthy of enlarging and placing on your wall.

I’ve been loving these sessions with children lately. Most of the outfits are mine (boys need their own trousers/pants/jeans and shirt. Vests, ties, cravats, hats and vintage props all mine and available for your session. How smashing does this Young man look!

Recent Fine Art Portraits