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??? What if I'm not photogenic enough?? Orange Portrait Photographer | Orange Maternity Photographer

Something that is sadly asked a lot, felt a lot - and yes I've felt the same. Society has made us not feel good about ourselves. Have a little read below for a few minutes and see how you feel at the end :)

Does the thought of having a photoshoot done of you make you feel a little like this? (ignore the fact his brother is trying to eat him haha)

I have been photographing people for over 25 years, newborns since 2011 and maternity since 2016ish. What's the secret I've found to looking good for a photo??? #1. BEING RELAXED! Thats number 1 for sure! If you are all stressed out from being put into a tigger suit when you really don't like being tigger then you aren't going to be happy! :) Eeyore, on the other hand, loved it. You need a photographer who can make you laugh and feel at ease! I'll be there with you ALL the way ok?

This is me - trying to be relaxed whilst asking my super good friend to take the shot - at the same time asking her to make sure I don't have a double chin haha! (she needs a medal). This dress is awesome! Makes me look skinny I love it. Oh yeah - photoshop helps a little too. So If I can do it - you can too. You will love your images I promise.

The main aim of a photoshoot with me is to laugh, (cos i'm always laughing), have fun and enjoy your shoot. I've had many women in very nervous to start with but then relax once the session starts. We are ALL photogenic once we feel comfortable and at ease. I promise you will have lots of fun in your session. I've had many, many clients message me after saying how much the enjoyed it, how much fun it was to dress up (cos who doesn't like dressing up and looking smashingly fabulous hey!?)

#2 POSING Don't know how to pose? Thats MY job :) You dont need to worry about that at all! I have attended many in person workshops (with Stephanie Lemmons too!!) and several online ones all on posing women - maternity and non maternity - so I will direct and show you how to pose and make sure it all looks good.

# GORGEOUS DRESSES! I have that covered too! 💜 Did I mention that I have over 40 high end dresses available for use???? Do you want to see them? Click here to see my client wardrobe. I haven't done up a brochure yet for girls dresses but i have sizes 000-12 for girls. Dresses are all in there, named and with approximate sizing.

#OTHER WORRIES - Blemishes coming up on the day! - consider them gone! A little extra fluid on arms etc from being pregnant - not a problem! Expecting but have stretch marks? Thats up to you! I can remove them easily or you can keep them to remember the journey.

Husband won't come in the photos - now thats a bit harder haha but bribery can work - even if only for ONE photo! common guys you can do this!


Feeling comfortable with your photographer - someone you can laugh with and makes the shoot fun. Nervous? Please don't be! I'll be there with you every step of the way ok? I will make sure the dress sits right, that the light looks good, the pose looks stunning and you look spectacular. Some poses feel a bit weird - but standing straight, smack bang might be comfy but not the best way to have a shoot done :)

Some of my sessions.........

Maternity shoots are one of my favourites to do as women just glow for those! There is that special anticipation about women as they await the arrival of their newest little one.

What about other sessions? Do you know I do "Gorgeous Me Sessions". Portraits for women.

You can still get to wear my gorgeous gowns for the shoot! As you can see I wore one too!!! There is no age limit. These are new to Kylie Winder Photography and something that is really nice to do. You should try one - or bring along your best friend or sister and have a double session together.

What about a Mummy and Me session? You can include your children too :) I also do Newborn/Family with focus on the family images - especially mum with baby and dad with baby! (I love dad and baby images! 💜💜💜) These are all Very important images to have. Your children will LOVE to see these images and treasure them.

Why don't you get in while I have a giveaway going on! You can sign up for the giveaway and its optional to sign up to my blog as well. No pressure. Click here to enter the giveaway but be quick as I'll be closing it for entries at the end of this week.

I look forward to photography more gorgeous families and hope to see you soon!

you can email me or find me on facebook or instagram.

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Jun 11, 2023

I would love to do a family one. I love your work ❤️❤️.


May 31, 2023

Testing comments for blog

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