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Portrait Photographer Orange - Why I don't shoot much with White

I've been asked why i dont shoot with white in my maternity sessions.

Firstly I'm a colour girl all the way! White is not really my style. Other photographers shoot in white as they love it and it shows in their images that they do - and I shoot in colour because I love colour. We shoot what we love.

If you are choosing a photographer for your photo session go for one that you love their style as we all shoot differently. We shoot the style that we love - that's the joy of art.

I shoot indoors on handpainted canvas backdrops. Most of my backdrops are medium, florals or dark which all goes with the style of lighting that i use. All of the dresses that i have are varying colours from black, lilacs, pinks, gold and all the way to a beige. Just not much in white for me :).

How awesome are all these dads for getting out of their comfort zones and not wearing white shirts! I usually recommend a colour for dad or boys depending on what dresses the mum chooses. And kudos to the dad who wore a pink top to match in with the pinks of his wife and daughter! Love it! 💗💗💗

I usually advise for your partner or boys to not wear white shirts - because your eye goes to the brightest part of the image. So in my images, if mum is in a gorgeous gold or magenta dress, on a darker backdrop and you have dad in a white shirt - then hey presto! your eyes will automatically go straight to that bright white shirt! So for my style of sessions I usually don't recommend white shirts for dads or you would see his shirt rather than all their gorgeous faces.

Did you want to look through my client wardrobe? I have over 40 gowns! LInk is here

I specialise in Maternity, Mummy and me, Women's Gorgeous me Portraits - (yes you get to wear my beautiful gowns for those!), Children's Portraits and small family portraits. I have a beautiful model lined up for tomorrow for the Gorgeous Me Women's Portraits so if you are interested in seeing these please make sure you follow my page or blog. I'll be posting one or two tomorrow evening! Or you can browse my website or facebook/instagram pages to see some of my work.

Are you worried about having a session that you won't look like a supermodel? I dont shoot models or any supermodels! All my mums to be and women look beautiful in their sessions. If you are relaxed, enjoy the session, wear colours that you look smashing in (I'll help you choose). then you will look like a supermodel too.

I look forward to doing beautiful keepsake portraits for you and your family!


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11 jun. 2023

I would love to do a family one. I love your work ❤️❤️.


31 mei 2023

Testing comments for blog

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